The Sound of Apples Falling Not Far From The Tree

whirr whirr whirr 

“I’m almost ready, Mom!”

whirr whirr whirr 

“The pencils are almost sharpened!”

whirr whirr whirr     


Yelling over Sharpie, our electric pencil sharpener, there is no mistaken he’s my son. My kin. Kindred. Because getting ready to go swimming should involve sharpening a handful of pencils. Of course.


Here’s to a nicely sharpened pencil. And to kinship. Both important to have before leaving the house.

Postscript for Chinese friends: “An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” 是一个英语成语,意思是孩子一般来说长得跟妈妈还是爸爸差不多。中文有同样得成语,请告诉我!(This idiom means a child grows to be a lot like the parents. If you know a similar idiom in Chinese, please let me know!)


4 thoughts on “The Sound of Apples Falling Not Far From The Tree

  1. not chinese but how about ‘blood will tell’?
    or how about Qu Wei Xiang Tou – “Similar people will make good friends”
    Ji Xi Nan Gai – “A leopard cannot change its spots”
    Ying Xiong Suo Jian Lue Tong – “Great minds thinks alike”

    • Hmmm.
      Numbers 2 & 4 seem the same as “birds of a feather.”
      And number 3 perhaps “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
      I’ve never heard of #1. I’ll check it out.

      Often when I trade an idiom with a Chinese friend, they offer up some amazing parable with a long backstory and imagery and sometimes sound effects.

  2. 有其父必有其子 like father like son, you can switch the father to mother, in your case, it will be有其母必有其子。If you had a girl, it will be 有其母必有其女。
    虎父无犬子a tiger father will not beget a dog son, is another way of saying it. But this implies that the kid is as hardcore as his father. so in your case, it’s虎母无犬子, and this is where the tiger mom comes from 😛

    • Thanks, BeiBei! The first one is the closest – (有其父必有其子). It covers the possibility that if the dad is a dog, the son could be one too.

      So that’s where “tiger mom” comes from! I wondered, Why not “bear” or “dragon.” I should’ve known it comes from an idiom that’s most likely 1000 years old. 谢了!


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