If nothing ever goes wrong, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s like my Dad used to say, “Do something. Even if it’s wrong.”

And like the time I reassured the drunk guy who hit on me during a recent music festival/camping adventure, “If you never have to apologize in life, you’re not doing it right.”

While my intention is to alleviate any awkwardness of having to camp with him in tight quarters once he sobered up, I really mean it.

Because it’s like I learned in Clown School. If everything goes as planned, you’ve failed miserably. Clowning, as it turns out, relies solely on The Clown never achieving what she sets out do. Ever. And it’s hard for some people to just let a mistake happen. To not fix it. Veteran circus performers in my class cried like babies as the instructors tore down their carefully constructed comedy scenes along with their defense mechanisms and self-confidence. “That’s not funny. Too contrived. Next.”

It’s like Steve Martin says, “Comedy is not pretty.”

Comedy is not pretty

Which is a lot like the time I worked in musical mystery dinner theater, something others may call an unwise career decision. But several years later while e-courting, my then-boyfriend Googled me to discover that I had once performed as a Christmas elf, a fortune teller and Elvis. We’ve been happily married now for 11 years.

Marilyn Monroe

Was my past life in sketch comedy the only reason he proposed after dating only a few months? Who knows. I don’t. But it’s like Marilyn Monroe said, ” … it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring.”

And it’s like the Dutch say:  “Hoge bomen vangen veel wind.” Or “High trees catch a lot of wind.” Or “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Or in Chinese: “不入虎穴焉得虎子?” Which means, “How can you catch tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s lair?” How indeed.

And when you get clawed up in the tiger’s lair, those gaping, bloody wounds may lead to a lasting relationship or a fulfilling career. Or at the very least better stories at your next cocktail party. And like Bill Murray says …



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