Finding a Moral Compass in a beer commercial is like finding a prize in a box of Froot Loops.

“I don’t like football. And I like eating ancient grains.”

Philosophically, this makes sense. It doesn’t create any dissonance in your mind’s eye. In fact, you could almost write those two sentences this way – “I don’t like football because I like eating ancient grains.”

So for a woman who doesn’t like football, who doesn’t drink Bud Light (because I’m okay leaving my high school beer in the past) and who enjoys herself a big bowl of quinoa, this may be a strange commercial to list as a favorite. But it is. It is my all time favorite commercial. Ever. So far.

It has the Philadelphia Eagles, my husband’s beloved football team, which I don’t like watching but will, on occasion, for him. It has quinoa, my beloved ancient grain, which my husband doesn’t like eating but will, on occasion, for me.

And it pokes fun of both. A Philosophy of Irreverence that joins us at our cores. A moral compass to navigate the white-peaked waters of self-seriousness to which so many are susceptible. “What is that? A loofah?” Indeed.