“Get out. I need to go to my Mind Palace.”

I don’t know about yours, but my Mind Palace is devoid of art.

Art boggles me. I don’t get it. Once I brought home a huge stop sign abandoned by a road crew. I thought it would look great over the couch. Until my husband called it Frat Art.

Frat Art. Ouch.

A gay friend agreed forcing me to face facts – I am art challenged. Art museums cause me confusion. Disorientation. Visual overload. After one exhibit, I need a chair and a pint.

So finding that I absolutely love Edward Hopper is a big deal. He gives me peace with the art world. I am understood. I understand. My Mind Palace finally has some art on the banquet walls.

And when you combine this new-found understanding with an old-found addiction like Sherlock Holmes

Hopper and Sherlock

… well, you can just pinch me.